Biosafety Occupational Health Program


Welcome to the Biosafety Occupational Health Program (BOHP).

The Biosafety Occupational Health Program is a service for individuals at risk of exposure to certain biological materials in the course of their research or operations duties, and in certain circumstances, in the course of their studies:

  • Work, research, teaching or testing with biohazards, such as:
    1. pathogens of humans, or animals;
    2. materials potentially containing human pathogens, including bloodborne pathogens;
    3. materials of human or non-human primate origin;
    4. recombinant DNA and/or RNA; and/or
    5. Biological Select Agents and Toxins,
  • Work, research, teaching or testing with animals, or their cells, tissues, body fluids, or wastes.
  • Work, research, teaching or testing with human patients.

The program provides educational resources, preventative care, and routine health monitoring; and provides evaluation and treatment for persons in the event of an unplanned or unprotected exposure to pathogens.


You must enroll in BOHP if you are:

  • Are listed on an IBC research permit working with agents at BSL-2 or BSL-3; or
  • Are listed on an AACUC or IACUC research or teaching AUP
  • Work in a TAMU department and have been identified by your supervisor as having a risk of exposure to 1) human body fluids, human tissues or wastes; or 2) animals, animal tissues or wastes; or 3) human disease-causing microorganisms

Annual updates are required.

Reminders will be sent to your official Texas A&M University email address which can be managed via

Contact Information

Lauren Horton - 
979-845-6649 (BOHP Main Line)
979-862-6455 (Office)
409-789-5391 (After hours voice/text)

Jeni Mathews - 
979-845-6649 (BOHP Main Line)
979-845-1164 (Office)
940-390-6953 (After hours voice/text)

Jessica Bourquin –
979-845-7189 (Office)
979-255-8485 (After hours voice/text)

Christine McFarland
979-845-6475 (Office)
979-571-6072 (After hours voice/text)